Cricket Update
April 24, 2012, 12:09 am
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Well, I’ve had a few training sessions with Cricket since my last post, and we’ve made some good progress.

This progress was most evident today! I decided after some gentle lunging, and riding her around a bit to test her mood, to take her outside of the round pen. She was a little antsy right at the beginning, but we had a good ole time just trotting around the side pasture. Then I had a jump set up, and we cleared a few cavalettis like they were nothing. So we raised the bar a bit.

Still she was just trotting over them, barely having to pick up her feet, despite her short stature, so we raised the rail just a bit more… and she was finally jumping! Legitimate, pick-your-hooves-up jumping! She was still trying to be a little swerve’y on approach, but all things considered (Wind was blowing like nobody’s business, friend had another horse in the side pasture for handling, and cars were blowing past on the road) she really did phenomenal. Then there’s the big kicker.

She cantered off the second full jump! According to her owner, this was her first real canter with a rider on her back. She did great! Didn’t take off, just loped off the jump, and up the hill. Her canter is super smooth, too, which I’m definitely happy about, and somewhat surprised by because of her smallness. I’m not a fan of the canters that unseat a rider!

Over all, it was a fantastic ride. Tons of new things for Cricket to deal with, and despite a single buck, this was definitely her best ride in a long time!


March 25, 2012, 10:50 pm
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Well, I had my first ride on Cricket today!

I guess I should give a bit of back story here, haha. I’ve been posting around, trying to find clients for training, and was recently contacted by a lady about her mare Cricket. Well, I met her today, and over all the ride was great!

We did some round-pen work, establishing ground rules and getting to know each other, then it was time to get in the saddle. I was thoroughly warned that Cricket is a bucker, and has that pony mean streak! Haha. Well, she definitely made sure I knew she wasn’t happy being made to work! She did a bit of kicking, and gave a slight buck, and she stumbled in the soft grass/mud, sending her nose into the ground, and me into the round-pen fence, but overall the owner says she was surprised at how well she did.

I’m to go back on Tuesday!

I’m definitely excited, and the owner and I have set our current goal: To go on a nice, mid-distance trail ride at Yellow River.

All is well with the world!


We just did some walking and trotting today.

I’m just sad the owner didn’t get a video of that dive! hahaha.

Purpose: Located.
March 24, 2012, 8:17 pm
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I originally made this account so I could comment on OTHER horsey blogs, and never intended to actually use it for blogging.

I had an idea, though, thanks to the people (person?) over at Snarky Rider (Wonderful blog. Go read it!).

I’m going to be using this blog to (attempt) to track my progress with Dazzler (2 year old, grade Quarter Horse filly), and Namir (6 year old Arabian gelding). Both horses experienced neglect and some degree of abuse, though Namir had it the worst. Poor baby’s covered in scars.

I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember longer than I can remember, but I’ve never trained a horse with as many issues as these two have. Crazy Arabs that need to be reminded that the world isn’t crashing down around them constantly? Done deal, no problems. Mustang with trust issues? We were best friends inside a Summer. Pony whose only use in life had been those circle walkers you see at fairs? Best lesson pony I ever had, loves to jump, and she’s now learning to take a harness and cart!

Completely un-handled 2 year old and her fearful-of-everything-that-moves-plus-saddles boyfriend? God help me…

I’ve already gotten some basic leading training done with Dazzler, and she’s totally chill to being saddled. She’s going to be the easy one, I think, as long as that sassy streak doesn’t get too strong! Namir is just terrified, so we’re working on trust. He defaults to aggression when he’s scared, and trying to put anything that’s not a brush on his back might as well be a death sentence. He’s beautiful, though, and sweet as sugar cubes when you’re not trying to saddle him. I’m hoping he and I will someday be able to enter endurance rides, and do some cross country and hunting.

This is going to be an adventure. I’ll get some pics up ASAP!

Why not…
February 17, 2012, 9:02 pm
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“Freedom rings of a different tune than the monotonous Dirge of the everyday life” – Yours Truly ^_^

I’m a GirlyTomboyredneckFunlovingSportyNerdyWildPartyingPhsychoSpazRetardedHappyGeekyNuttyStupidSmartLocoHorseloving individua.

THE number one, undisputed Flamewar fan. I’m a bitch and a half. Horses are my life, Transformers are cool, and The Doctor is in.

I have: 3 dogs, 5 horses, 2 cats, and Twenty-something chickens.

It seems we are introducing ourselves? Very well.

Rachel Elizabeth Andrews.

At this moment in time I have dragged myself away from the rest of the internet and its obscene ability to entertain me endlessly, stretching out time while chasing it away. Music of a genre I don’t know flows into my ears, a link sent from a friend I have never met. Across my room is a storage bin, converted into a brooder for a trio of fluffy yellowish chickens, not two weeks out of their pearly white life pods.

My life is uninteresting in the day to day; I work, I go to school, I tend the backyard farm.
Take a step back and the picture broadens. This week I will obtain another chicken: A rooster of a rare variety in the hopes of adding his color to my flock. Tomorrow after school I will meet a friend to assist her in selecting the dresses for her bridesmaids. Still not interesting?

Take a few more steps back. More… Good. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood, less than half an hour from what some would call “The ATL,” that I simply call “Downtown.” From an early age, a mere six years, I was entranced by the creature so bound in mystery that adding /one/ characteristic (such as a single horn or a pair of wings) raises the mystique too high for mortals to believe. Equus. The horse. For years I have learned of and from these magnificent creatures, teaching riding lessons to humans and training the animals themselves to /be/ ridden from as early in my life as Fourteen years. Do I sound like a braggart? I suppose I am, in this area, as I have very little else to brag about.

I have thought myself to be a very strange child (Indeed, I do still consider myself infantile, as I have much wisdom to gain) for most of my life, though only recently did I come to terms with this being, not only “acceptable,” but damn well applaudable.

Why live amongst the sheep? Even those who make an effort to be different oft fall prey to attempting this with the wrong goal. Rejecting the mainstream /because/ it is mainstream. For what gains? I have seen a youth truly enjoy a song, only to claim to hate it when her fellows are near. What has she gained? False approval? I thank the Lord above that I am too dim to comprehend the concept of conformation.

I have digressed. From twelve years old until seventeen my soul desire was to be a veterinarian. At the end of this fantasy I realized that I could not bear the thought of failure in such a field of study. To know that I, one who frequently bumbles her way through life, could have another life on her hands? I quickly sought a different path. Spanish teacher was entertained, followed by Mechanical Engineer. “I like cars and robots!” I thought. This would be a great career, yes? Of course not. Foolish child. Mathematics have never been a thing I could comprehend. The simplest of equations cause me to grasp for a calculator.

Did such logic occur to me, though? Certainly not. I was starry eyed and stupid. No, my God had to shove my true path directly into my mind, giving no possible other ideas chance to lead me astray. An epiphany is what I describe. Fittingly enough, it occurred to me in my first English Composition class of college. It was a simple enough nudge, but one with enough strength to push me over the edge. My professor approached me and asked permission to use a six page essay (that I had written at the crack of dawn that very morning) as an example… of how she wanted future classes to write. The moment was surreal. As I returned to my seat after signing over the permissions, I realized what had been staring me in the face my whole life.

Composition of words, worlds, minds, animals, scenery… All things I lived FOR yet never realized I could live BY.

In this moment I have at least three completely new worlds, stories swirling through my mind. Colors, faces, dreamscapes… Most will have passed by morning; replaced by something completely new.

Concentration is difficult for me. Even as I compose this far-too-long winded self image, my thoughts wander. In one corner or my brain, a fantastical world ruled by dragons; fallen to war as their core of civilization has been forgotten; their hierarchy tossed aside, even as their instinctual NEED to follow tradition claws at their hearts. In another pocket of brain space is a short children’s story: a simple adventure tale with felines as the protagonists (and antagonists), learning the importance of true friendship as the three main characters work to overthrow a catnip smuggling industry.

As for my future? Hopefully it will go along the lines of my favorite of my many dreams. I, Rachel Elizabeth Andrews, a published author living on at least twenty acres of pasture land. By day: a trainer of horses, instructor of riding lessons, tender of chickens and slave to my cat(s). By night: a sly insomniac, typing furiously on her keyboard, racing with her mind to put story to virtual paper before the image escapes, never to be seen again, in pursuit of another story.