March 25, 2012, 10:50 pm
Filed under: Training

Well, I had my first ride on Cricket today!

I guess I should give a bit of back story here, haha. I’ve been posting around, trying to find clients for training, and was recently contacted by a lady about her mare Cricket. Well, I met her today, and over all the ride was great!

We did some round-pen work, establishing ground rules and getting to know each other, then it was time to get in the saddle. I was thoroughly warned that Cricket is a bucker, and has that pony mean streak! Haha. Well, she definitely made sure I knew she wasn’t happy being made to work! She did a bit of kicking, and gave a slight buck, and she stumbled in the soft grass/mud, sending her nose into the ground, and me into the round-pen fence, but overall the owner says she was surprised at how well she did.

I’m to go back on Tuesday!

I’m definitely excited, and the owner and I have set our current goal: To go on a nice, mid-distance trail ride at Yellow River.

All is well with the world!


We just did some walking and trotting today.

I’m just sad the owner didn’t get a video of that dive! hahaha.


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