Cricket Update
April 24, 2012, 12:09 am
Filed under: Training

Well, I’ve had a few training sessions with Cricket since my last post, and we’ve made some good progress.

This progress was most evident today! I decided after some gentle lunging, and riding her around a bit to test her mood, to take her outside of the round pen. She was a little antsy right at the beginning, but we had a good ole time just trotting around the side pasture. Then I had a jump set up, and we cleared a few cavalettis like they were nothing. So we raised the bar a bit.

Still she was just trotting over them, barely having to pick up her feet, despite her short stature, so we raised the rail just a bit more… and she was finally jumping! Legitimate, pick-your-hooves-up jumping! She was still trying to be a little swerve’y on approach, but all things considered (Wind was blowing like nobody’s business, friend had another horse in the side pasture for handling, and cars were blowing past on the road) she really did phenomenal. Then there’s the big kicker.

She cantered off the second full jump! According to her owner, this was her first real canter with a rider on her back. She did great! Didn’t take off, just loped off the jump, and up the hill. Her canter is super smooth, too, which I’m definitely happy about, and somewhat surprised by because of her smallness. I’m not a fan of the canters that unseat a rider!

Over all, it was a fantastic ride. Tons of new things for Cricket to deal with, and despite a single buck, this was definitely her best ride in a long time!